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To spiritual awakenings, and beyond…


I am Terry and I am a Spiritual Warrior currently defending a siege against my inner demons and fighting for peace and tranquility within. Seriously, though, I am a lost soul who has found sanctuary in Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies as I try to juggle being an entrepreneur while discovering the missing links that will complete my life.

Selling trinkets and stuff in Amazon was my way of living. I get to travel around the globe without worrying about my business, thanks to the Wi-Fi provided in the several hotels that have served as my home during my travels. However, as I continue to explore the world, life, and love, I saw myself as an incomplete person — a lost soul who needs to find a place where I can reconnect with the missing pieces in my life.

Visiting Peru is indeed one of the most significant moments in my life. This is where I discovered the Ayahuasca and got my chance to experience my first spiritual awakening retreat. My Amazon store suffered a few losses due to lack of stocks and monitoring on my side, but life started to reconnect with me. I hired a Virtual Assistant to help me with my store and then my adventure in discovering more about life, love, and the spiritual warrior in me began.

Beyond Spiritual Awakenings includes stories of my adventure as a Spiritual Warrior seeking peace and balance in life. As I try to keep the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects in my life, I try to share the experience with my readers who might want to try the path that I travel on.

Join me as I continue to discover the world beyond spiritual awakenings..

Sharing here an interesting talk I’ve watched way back:


About Terry Washington

Terry Washington is an entrepreneur in Amazon who spends his life mostly in discovering inner peace and the spiritual warrior within him. You’ll catch him re-stocking his Amazon store right just before checking in a spiritual retreat in his favorite country, Peru.

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