What can You Expect from an Ayahuasca Ceremony


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Ayahuasca has really become one of the most sought-after natural remedy for the physical and emotional sickness of men. People who have taken Ayahuasca see a glimpse of hope from the spiritual experience that it offers, making it a prime option for lost souls and battered spirits.

However, not everyone who goes into Ayahuasca retreats experience the same level of spirituality or experience the same degree of “healing” that they are looking for. Everyone is different, and with the unique chemistry we have inside our bodies, the Ayahuasca experience may bring different kinds of “healing” and spiritual uplifting at different degrees to people. The make-up of our mental soundness and emotional environment also varies, making each Ayahuasca experience different and an individualized experience for each person. Your experience of Ayahuasca will be yours alone and unique from mine and the others who have tried it. Haven’t explored Ayahuasca yet? You can know more about Ayahuasca retreats and the experiences you can expect from it in this article.

However, the ideas below are a general description of the Ayahuasca experience. You may have most likely experienced one or all of them, but there will always be a unique and personalized experience that comes with Ayahuasca retreats that you alone can describe.

Preparing Ayahuasca

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Colors, Patterns, and Visions

Ayahuasca Vision - Howard G Charing

Photo credit: Howard G Charing via Flickr

Some individuals who are at the clairvoyant side will usually see colors, patterns, and visions during the Ayahuasca experience. As you clear your minds from all the troubles and emotional depressions that you have, one can literally see a bright light, an escape and a path away from all the troubles that you have been enduring your whole life. The feeling will be uplifting but would be more visual for individuals whose sensitivity to sight is more outstanding.

Magnetic Forces

For people whose senses and emotional feelings are more attached, the experience would most likely make them feel that they are being drawn by a force. This force can lead them to the feeling of oneness and greatness, removing all the depressing and discouraged self-esteem that they have towards themselves. These magnetic forces will either push or pull them towards a destination which, in most cases, is the right path towards the life that they should be living.


People who are very clairaudient may end up hearing voices and sounds. This is why a professional shaman is needed during the ritual. Voices can sometimes bring a different kind of reaction to a person who is experiencing Ayahuasca. Having a spiritual guide that will help him and hold his spirit during the journey protects the mental soundness of the Ayahuasca drinker.

Some people, on the other hand, will experience a mix of the three and will bring them to an experience they could hardly imagine. People who reportedly met spiritual beings during the Ayahuasca experience or those who claimed to have walked in different dimensions usually manage to connect with their truest and deepest self enclosed within them. The awakened state will alternately allow them to use this experience into daily life, career, at home, or into a routine that they have been doing for quite a long time. One can live a different kind of life after the experiences that he has learned, achieved, and discovered through Ayahuasca. The experience, according to many, brings joy, love, and sense of purpose to those who have been “at lost” or stagnant in their lives.

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