Ayahuasca Spiritual Awakenings: Awakening Your Spiritual Warrior

The Ayahuasca is an ancient, medicinal healing plant from the Amazonian jungle. Shamans call it as “a window to the soul” and is now included in a series of spiritual awakenings that promise curing of illnesses, as well as the awakening of the spiritual warrior inside us.

The doorway to the awakening of our spirits is what Ayahuasca awakenings promise. One manages to face and conquer his demons while removing the veil between the illusions and the spiritual reality.

I have seen several Ayahuasca Awakenings film and retreats in the past as part of my in-depth study of the Ayahuasca and the practices surrounding it. Before I became interested in the mysteries that nature holds surrounding the Ayahuasca drink (as well as the ceremonies that came with it), I was leaning into business. However, at the back of my mind, I knew that I was missing something in my life. I know that what I truly wanted remains to be a mystery left to be discovered by no one but me alone. I ignored it for a while but I saw myself being destroyed day by day as I go forcing myself to pursue what my soul craves for. This was when I decided to try out my first Ayahuasca retreat, and there was no going back for me afterwards.

After my very first Ayahuasca experience, the feeling of longing to go forward and continue discovering the warrior inside me became my calling. I finally realized that this is what I actually want to do, and this is what I needed in my life. From then on, my conquest to discover the spiritual mysteries surrounding Ayahuasca and my life itself began.

I just want to make it clear, though. Different people will have different points of view and experience to share when it comes to Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies. The peace that I enjoy today and the spiritual awakening that I still undergo did not happen right after the first retreat. It was a longer process for me compared to my colleagues. Different people with different personalities will have several unique interesting experiences to share when it comes to Ayahuasca spiritual awakening.

When I started consuming the Ayahuasca, I knew in myself that spiritual awakening is bound to happen in my life. I knew it was not instant but I felt that I am on the right path to the spiritual awakening that I am bound to discover.

Now, I feel less depressed, enjoying a stronger sense of completeness and purpose, and on top of my physical health at the same time. The Ayahuasca that I use for spiritual healing, both for mental, physical, and emotional purposes, help me gain spiritual enlightenment — a feeling that I cherish and continue to discover everyday with Ayahuasca and the rituals surrounding it.

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What’s To Look Forward to in the Ayahuasca Experience

Spiritual awakening — this is what Ayahuasca retreats commit to its participants. However, NOT ALL Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats are legally and professionally organized. The best way and place to do it is to visit the Amazon rainforests in South America or areas like that of the Iquitos in Peru to be able to experience authentic, legal, and uplifting Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies.

Three people usually go for the Ayahuasca drink experience. One is the avid traveller who is open to new cultures and partaking in adventures in the places that they visit. Your adventurous soul will definitely be awakened with a few encounters with Ayahuasca ceremonies and drinking the Ayahuasca concoction. The second type of person who would likely go for the Ayahuasca experience is the sickly and depressed. Most of the time, scientific medicines are not capable of healing the sickness of the soul. Here is where the Ayahuasca experience can come into play. An Ayahuasca retreat and participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies offer hope and the gift of mental wellness for people suffering from emotional and spiritual diseases. The third type of person who would most likely go for the Ayahuasca experience is a person who would want to discover himself. This person may have met a shaman, an Ayahuasca enthusiast, or have read materials about this wonderful naturally occurring cure and treatment that could help him achieve the things that he is missing in life – not only for his physical but more particularly on his mental and spiritual health.

Ayahuasca retreats do come in different shapes and sizes and would most likely be customized to meet the individual needs of its participants. Beside stimulating the sleeping spirit warrior within your soul, there are many things to look forward to with the retreat. In reality, what matters the most is letting your retreat facilitator or the shaman in charge of the Ayahuasca ceremony know the things you need and why you would want to experience what Ayahuasca has to offer.

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